How do I register for a Program?

  • Call us up.
    Choose the location that best suits you and give us a call. The King St. Campus is in Hamilton down the mountain close to Sanford St. – call them at 905-577-7707.  The Concession St. Campus is up the mountain in Hamilton, close to Upper Wentworth and close to the Juravinski Hospital – call them at 905-385-7727.
    We’ll try to help you as best as we can over the phone and can set up an appointment for you to come in, see our school, get more information and meet us.
  • Apply or Request Information Online.
    Use this website as a quick way to get in touch with us. We would be happy to call you back and try to answer any questions you may have.
  • Drop by either of our locations.
    We are open 5 days a week and both our locations are quite easy to get to using public transportation. We also have ample free parking and are always eager to meet new people. We’re a friendly bunch.
  • When we meet you, ask about your options.
    When you come in to see us, tell us what you are interested in. We’ll try to give you advice on what program may suit you best and what your payment options are. Let’s be realistic, money is important these days; so we try to be as reasonable, fair and flexible with payments as possible.
    Several options are open to you: a monthly payment plan without interest can be set up to accommodate your financial situation and financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.

Additional Information

Remember: Any information you provide us with, through this website or at our offices, is strictly confidential and will never be disclosed or shared with anyone. Your information will solely be used for internal purposes in the application process.  Please read our Privacy Policy which protects all submitted personal information.

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Entrance Requirements

Age 18 or over

Grade 12 Canadian High School diploma
(or a free Pre-entry Qualification test)

Canadian Citizenship / landed immigrant / student visa status

Ability to communicate in English, both orally and in writing

Fees & Prices

Tuition Comparison Chart

Grand Health Academy

Competing College #1

Competing College #2

Competing College #3

Competing College #4

Personal Support

Worker (FT)









not offered



not offered

Food Service

Worker (FT)


not offered

not offered


not offered





not offered

not offered

not offered

not offered


Grand Health Academy

Competing College #1

Competing College #2

Competing College #3

Competing College #4

Physiotherapist / Rehabilitation 



not offered

not offered








not offered




not offered

not offered

not offered

not offered




not offered

not offered

not offered


  • Prices as per 2019 school year.
  • All PCC tuitions are public knowledge.
  • We are proud and confident of the affordable prices we offer for our programs.  If you would like to compare up to date prices of any school, just use the PCC Search – Service Ontario, search by school name and location and you’ll get a listing.
How to Pay
  • We set up individual flexible monthly payments to suit your budget.  Every student gets this option.
  • We accept all forms of payments – cash, cheque, debit and all credit cards.
  • We do not have a corporate mentality.  We approach each and every student on an individual basis.
Financial Assistance

* Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.

  • RESP/RRSP:  take advantage of the educational incentives offered by Revenue Canada.
  • The cost of education is an investment in your future. Grand Health Academy issues T2202A tax receipts for all of our students.
  • EI Eligible: Grand Health Academy is registered with Service Ontario and is approved for Second Career Strategy funding.
  • Indian Affairs: Students may be eligible for funding through their First Nation Centre. Our admissions office can assist you with a referral.
  • Student bank loans are readily available with quite low interest rates



The Canadian government has implemented some radical changes in assistance and grants provided in student aids.  This shift in the Ontario budget delivers loans and grants to college and university students, and specifically wants to target more low-income individuals to receive help entering post-secondary education.
If you are interested in inquiring if you are eligible, then please visit these two pages to learn a bit more and apply:


1. Are Grand Health Academy certificate and diploma programs recognized?

Absolutely!  Grand Health Academy has been registered and approved as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act for over 24 years.  We are also registered with CCO (Career Colleges of Ontario) and NACC (National Association of Career Colleges).  All diploma and certificate programs we offer are of the highest caliber that can be offered.  That allows you to apply for work anywhere in Canada with confidence.

2. I did not finish High School. Do I qualify for admission?

There are a few mandatory requirements, such as being 18 years old, having permission to study in Canada, and actually wanting to take a program.  If you do not have a Canadian High School diploma you will have to write a free language comprehension pre-entry test.  It’s quite easy as long as you can read and write English on “English Language Level 4”.  Check the rest of the requirements up above, or call our office for more details.

3. When do your programs start?

We run all our programs on a continuous basis throughout the year.  Apart from normal statutory holidays, you can always find a program that will be starting soon.  Check out our Upcoming Programs page to see the next program start dates.

4. Are there any additional or hidden fees for the program?

There is only one additional cost that you will have to cover because we legally cannot include it in the school tuition – a police check.  We provide you with a VSS police check form with a school letter which qualifies you to get approximately 50% off the normal cost of such a check. The cost averages between $19-$25.
Apart from that, there are NO additional costs.
The program tuition includes everything :  books, binders, pens, uniform, id-tag, insurance, WSIB coverage, clinical placement, exams, lab fees, etc. etc. etc.  One Fee – that’s it.

5. Can I get financial assistance to pay for the program? Does Grand Health Academy offer OSAP?

Students enrolled in the Personal Support Worker, Pharmacy Assistant and Physiotherapist / Rehabilitation Assistant programs may be eligible, if qualified, for loans, grants, or awards granted under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

Currently our Concession St. campus is approved for funding assistance. Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify. Come in to one of our campuses and we’ll let you know what options are available and your best option of approach.

6. How large are the class sizes?

Class sizes range between 5 students to a maximum of 20 students.  We try to keep our class sizes this  small in order to give the highest teacher-to-student ratio that we can offer.  This gives the student a much better experience and higher success rate throughout the program – both in understanding the material and passing all tests and exams.  Smaller class sizes also ensure flexibility in time, giving the teacher ample enough time to review all subjects and student questions.  This is not a factory – this is a learning institute.

7. I work all day. Do you offer part-time evening or weekend programs?

Yes.  We offer both part-time and full-time classes.  Most P/T classes start on a consistent basis, meaning one program finishes and the next one would follow.  But, sometimes when the season is slow or there aren’t enough students registered, the program start date may be delayed as we must achieve a minimum amout of students in order for it to be possible for us to even run the program.

8. Are the clinical placements organized by the school?

Yes. Clinical placements for all our programs that include that component, are organized by the school and are free.  If possible, we try to find a placement facility that is convenient and close to you.

9. Can I transfer my program credits to another college / university?

Grand Health Academy is registered with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and all our programs are fully recognized in Canada. We are committed to providing the best education and of the highest credentials that we can.  Rarely and unfortunately we have no control over other school’s enrollment process and business practices.

10. I lost my transcript / diploma / certificate. Can I get a replacement?

Yes!  We archive every student file for at least 10 years. Email us a replacement request with your name, program you completed and year you were at our school and a replacement package will be ready for pick-up at your preferred campus within 5 days.  There is a replacement fee of $25 for this procedure.

11. Can I get an income tax return form through the school?

Yes!  We automatically prepare a T22A02 form for every one of our students.  If you want one quicker, then please call your campus, or send them an email requesting the form to be emailed or sent to you via mail.  Income tax return forms are prepared within the first 3 months of each year (during tax season).

12. How can I withdraw from the program?

Life happens, and there are no hard feelings if you choose to quit a program you have started.  Please submit a written request to your campus, and your request will be processed immediately.  Our refund policy protects the student as per the MAESD school contract you sign upon registration.  We will try to help you as best as we can and in the swiftest possible manner.  All refunds are given back in the form of a certified school cheque.

13. Does Grand Health Academy help me get a job?

We definitely help students get a job, and we are pretty good at it, but we cannot guarantee a job to every student who finishes a program at our school.  That would be impossible.  It is the student’s due diligence to: 1) have a good attitude and work ethic at their clinical placement (a period in which a lot of our students do get jobs) 2) complete their resume, and 3) apply for jobs themselves.  Many employment agencies and facilities work with us to find positions that fit each student.  In short, we provide the tools and give direction and help with contacts in order to be successful.

14. I have worked in health care before. Can I get hours credited toward my clinical placement?

“Students may also receive credit for Clinical Placement hours. The student will require a letter from her or his employer(s) indicating the length of employment, duties performed and a general evaluation of the student’s abilities as a caregiver. Credit can only be granted for the 110 hours of “precepted” Clinical Placement and is determined on an individual basis after an interview with the Program Director and a review of the employer letters.”

15. Where are your campuses located?

Both of our campuses are located in Hamilton.  One is close to downtown Hamilton, and one is on the Hamilton mountain close to Juravinski Hospital.  Both campuses are conveniently located on main public transport routes and have access to parking.

16. Can I Pay Fees online or Can I do e-transfer?

Yes you can pay online by making an e-transfer. Our e-transfer email id is

Online Payment/E-Transfer